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LA TRACE = footprint

To ensure a consistently high quality, we attach great importance to the traceability of the foods we serve.
So we have started our restaurant by carefully selecting ingredients we can trace.

Fortunately Nara is rich in nature surrounded by mountains,
and there are a few farmers who are particular about growing vegetables, tea, fowl and livestock.
We have met them and listened to the stories of how they grow their produce with affection and pride.
We respect them and collaborate with them to serve fresh and local ingredients.

We’d like to ‘Omotenashi’ (welcome) you with original dishes unique to Nara
that are sincerely cooked using these local and fresh ingredients.

We’ll be happy if you enjoy our dishes and have a good time in our restaurant.

That’s why we made our logo a clock.
We hope you will have a good dining experience in our restaurant and have the time to think of the story of the food.